I like to think I am part of my country and I am welcome here

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moncler jackets I think the whole debate (for decades in europe and the US) was not whether so many countries are immigrant countries (because you can be French, you can be German too), but that if there is no limit then you can teach them fast enough moncler outlet store to have the values of your country and instead they just import their own values to erase yours.We have school for our children, but we don have schools or indoctrination programs for those who come from another country to settle moncler outlet in a country. South Korea does because of how they realized just how little knowledge the escaping North Koreans had. By all means you could become french or german or whatever. The idea that america is the only big multicultural democracy is doing a lot of harm to its people I think. It the easy way out.From an outsider point of view, what makes america truly special is its natural optimism. But that burning desire to be the best and to constantly improve seems also to be a great cause of suffering. I an immigrant to the UK and I call myself British and uk moncler outlet my children will be British and I know many, many immigrants who also class themselves that way and are more patriotic than a lot of people who were born here. I am not saying it not a great thing and what makes America great is moncler online store indeed that it is welcoming of everyone (or should be/used to be depending on your thoughts) moncler sale but it hardly an exception.I cheap moncler jackets mens not necessarily insulted by it but to claim America is exceptional and unique is how it welcomes people is a little upsetting. I like to think I am part of my country and I am welcome here, not just some foreigner living abroad. So self deluded. Colored folks who also happen to be american (by citizenship of course, the whiteys dont consider them so whether they want to admit it or not) know the truth of cheap moncler coats mens this country and yall Trump voting idiots blew this lid right off.Do discount moncler jackets you fucking moncler outlet woodbury idiots know the story of Adam Crasper?This korean man was adopted by white people at the age of 3. He was beaten and abused by multiple families, split up from his sister and utterly failed by this system. He broke back into the house of these monsters so he could uk moncler sale retrieve his belongings that were still in there after he was kicked out into best moncler jackets the streets at the age of 16 and had to serve a prison sentence because of this.So despite kum bah yah america failing him again moncler sale outlet and again, he picks himself up and turns his life around. He gets married and tries to find stable employment. After fighting for years to get his adoption paperwork that he should just be straight up entitled to, he applies for work to find that these fucking adoptive parents never filed for citizenship for Adam. His attempts to do the right thing by applying for a green card flags him in the Homeland Security system, which pings due to his criminal record he obtained because of these assholes.So after all this what happens? Adam Crasper is fucking deported to Korea a country he has no ties to, does not moncler outlet prices speak the language or had moncler uk outlet any real connections with anybody in. The white country that snatched him up fucked him. The white country that abused and beat him failed him. The white country that brought him here in the first place denied him citizenship or residency. The white judge who cheap moncler jackets womens could still after all of this stayed the deportation said NAH fuck this guy send him to Korea. The white congressmen who heard our pleas for Adam ignored us, him and the rest of the colored population. I click on an article about anything and the https://www.mymoncleroutlet.com conversation then devolves into divisive arguments that make me fear for my future. I click away from that to something less inflammatory and before I know it I seeing something else that makes me scared. Makes me sad. Makes me angry. If I read all this stuff, it makes me upset. If I avoid it, I burying my head in the sand. There tension that I cannot avoid and it exhausting.For once, I clicked on something that was political, knowing as soon as I did that I was just going to get riled up again. Instead, I moncler outlet online was cheap moncler jackets comforted. I didn hear my side propped up or the other side torn down. Just a few honest words by a person I respect and admire. And now that he not working for anyone, his words are entirely his. No one is actually terrified Donald Trump is going to single cheap moncler sale handedly dismantle the United States. I think the fear lies in the fact that this country was just my moncler outlet shown that the same things that have divided us moncler outlet sale and constantly held us back in the past are still lingering, maybe even festering at this point. What you see as common sense, and this applies to both “sides”, is not universally shared within your own countrymen.These hard truths that people won budge on are the types of things that start wars.The majority of racists probably voted for Donald Trump. This doesn mean the majority of people who voted for Donald Trump are racists. They voted for Donald Trump not because he was a dickhead. They voted for him in spite of it. My cousin wife parents are old school Virginia Republican. When my mom (die hard SoCal urban Clinton supporter) asked her who they were voting for she said (back in May) “Well, moncler usa it looks like it may be Donald Trump”. These are normal, nice, non racist people. But they are economically conservative Republicans. Hillary moncler sale online Clinton and the Democrats don represent their values and while they may not like Donald Trump comments, those aren their core issues.If you are Pro 2A, you don care about grabbed pussies. You care about keeping another Sotomayer off the Supreme Court. If you working class and you just missed moncler womens jackets the line for healthcare subsidies, Obamacare is hitting your wallet hard. You don care about him saying mean things about some Mexican immigrants being criminals. Those aren political issues that will affect your life. They just mean things being said.Too many young Democrat voters (too many people in general) think voting is a question of feelings and feeling good about yourself at the end. It not. And this is why Trump won. His voters don care that he a meaniehead. Winning the Presidential Election is about convincing the common schlub that he or she is voting in his or her own best interests. And I mean thinking. It doesn matter if that isn actually true. perception is reality moncler jackets.