I not saying you don have needs and rights

“I [thought] the best thing to do was to not talk about anything, at all.””She was the one that was at my bedside when I went into a coma. [The doctors] kept telling her that I might not wake up, but she was like, ‘I can’t even think of her not waking up. She’s going to be fine.'”.

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cheap get jordans cheap jordans on sale As we know Kameron had anxiety about winning and getting hate.If Eureka was more popular and also had actually won then this would have been a decent look imo.DukeBluee 9 points submitted 6 hours agoAlso Kamerom chose Asia because she didn want to go cheap jordans for babies against her Tennessee sister, and she didn want to go against Aquaria and beat her which would result in Kam getting hate and death threats (hate to say it but Aqua fans are pretty fucking rabid). As sad as it is, Asia was probably the least popular of the 4 so she knew beating Asia would result in the least backlash.I also agree that this was an okay look because Eureka took a risk and had she won this look would have been very much well recieved (think of Alaska straight up saying she will be in the HoF in her RUWU verse) 48 points submitted 1 day agoSee, in my opinion, Tyra never hurt anybody. She didn’t kill or injure anyone even if she threatened to bomb a convention. cheap jordans on sale

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