“I want Toronto to remain one of the safest big cities in the

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goose outlet canada Instead of working hand in hand to help affected communities, this government is focused on locking people up.”Elizabeth Correia, a youth speaker and counsellor, said Ford’s funding is only a part of the solution. The government must consult with communities on how its investment will impact and address mental health and poverty issues, she said.”Putting $25 million towards police but taking away money from programming and not developing programs that are going into these communities to help families, bringing communities together. It’s such a big problem,” she said.Toronto Mayor John Tory said the city would match the provincial funding for the rest of this year, noting that decisions on further matching of funds would be up to councillors canada goose jacket outlet sale elected after the October municipal election.”I want Toronto to remain one of the safest big cities in the world,” Tory said in canada goose outlet online store a statement, adding these details that if re elected, he would support continuing the city’s funding. goose outlet canada

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