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canada goose store outlet In a favorite Dilbert cartoon, the intern Asok is killed and reincarnated as a candy bar. Office workers can relate to Asok, but the episode made us laugh anyway. Why? We’re amused because nothing diffuses daily drama like a boisterous belly laugh. And I hate to tell you this, but companies just don hire teleworkers to do clerical work for them. There are plenty of telecommute jobs out there, but they are for highly specialized skills that require specific training. If you have a knack for sales, there are no shortage of companies that will hire you to do cold calling from your home office.So, that leaves us with two options: To get the training that required for a telecommute job (programming courses at a local college, for example), or to start a home business.For some reason click over here, the idea of taking courses or going back to school is usually met with resistance. canada goose store outlet

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