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cheap replica handbags In case you weren’t aware, the 61 year old pleaded no contest to misdemeanor battery against his former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva back in 2011. He’s also been caught not only using racist language against her, but also against a Jewish police officer who pulled him over for drunk driving.John Oliver is not about to let Harvey Weinstein off the hook or more accurately, he’s not going to let those who let Harvey off the hook off the hook.In a savage Last Week Tonight segment, the host goes after those defending the producer, including the best Donna Karan snap we’ve ever heard!Related: Club Owner Confirms Harvey Weinstein Potted Plant StoryBut the biggest dig is at the Oscars. Oliver points out the Academy has just voted to kick out Harvey, but still has convicted rapist Roman Polanski, accused rapist Bill Cosby, and violence against women threatener Mel Gibson among its members all the HIGHlarious hypocrisy burns (below)!It didn’t take long for Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell to reunite as rival dads for the sequel to Daddy’s Home.But just as the two find a way to harmoniously co parent, they’re faced with the daddy of all problems: grandpas!Photos: Mel’s Handsome Son Officially Takes Up Modeling!Specifically Mel Gibson, who makes his debut as Wahlberg’s scary cool dad in the trailer for Daddy’s Home 2. cheap replica handbags

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