In the Hardy Boys, it’s slightly justified

Their family colors even match Rightful King Returns: What we presume will happen when Apen Shephard returns to Levant. Scary Librarian: Marcus is an interesting variation of this. He is scary, and he is a librarian. He also expressed disgust when a father killed his wife for obscenely petty reasons. Everything’s Deader with Zombies: Frank Drake is attacked by “zuvembies” while visiting South America. Luckily, Brother Voodoo is there to help him. And his signature Spinning Toe Hold. Expy: Terryman in Kinnikuman. Terry Boy (aka MEN’S Teioh) in Michinoku Pro Wrestling. In the Hardy Boys China Replica Handbags, it’s slightly justified. Bayport was a port city (duh), so some smuggling was expected. It makes less sense in Nancy Drew’s hometown River Heights (although both were suburbs of cities which were known for mafia activity, New York and Chicago.) Choose Your Own Adventure: The “Be a Detective” series, which ran for six books and was a Crossover with Nancy Drew.

Replica Handbags Oh, Crap!: Wez wears a wide eyed, fierce, almost haka face in practically every scene, but still manages to bug out his eyes even more when he is about to get crushed between Max’s tanker and Humungus’ speedcar. A Black Comedy moment when the Gyro Pilot has a shotgun wired up in his face with Max’s dog holding a cord to the trigger in its mouth. The driver of the third vehicle finds himself looking down the muzzle of the gate flamethrower. Jerkass: Most famously, Puck from the San Francisco season. Land Down Under: the Sydney season Loophole Abuse: According to Ruthie from the Hawaii season, they figured out that if they didn’t want to be on camera or didn’t want the producers to interfere in certain matters, they would just go naked because the mics couldn’t be worn. The producers wised up to this, and created special necklaces with the mics inside and told the cast that if they did take off their clothes, they had to keep the necklaces on. Replica Handbags

Replica Designer Handbags Whereupon Chalmers leaves, since “[he’s] happy” that at least an explanation exists. Mushroom Samba: The fumes getting inside the car cause Homer to hallucinate that he’s a sultan with a harem and a hose full of salad dressing. Mustache Vandalism: When the kids take over the school, Milhouse decides to draw mustaches on paintings of former Presidents. Power Perversion Potential: KC’s not above using the X ray feature on her spy glasses to take a look at guys shirtless. Reality Ensues: Although KC willingly decided to become a spy, with all the baggage that would ensue from nearly getting killed, having a so called boyfriend betray her and replace her with a double, and enduring an undercover mission to enter The Other Side, she acknowledges that she needs a break to recharge. Hence why during “Stakeout Takeout” and “KC and the Vanishing Lady” she REALLY hates it when duty calls or appears randomly Replica Designer Handbags.