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To an even bigger crook. The intro to a second season was released, but the season itself never followed. Strangely the season 2 intro makes it look like Mayor Martinez still would’ve been the main villain. By the Power of Grayskull!: Parodied with, “Bridal Striptease, Go!” The Cameo: The Love Angels’ progenitors, the Sailor Senshi, occasionally pop up. Kero from Cardcaptor Sakura appears and commands Momoko to use the Time Card. The cast of Yes! Pretty Cure 5 makes an appearance in episode 20.

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In “Happy Sweets Dream,” the Sweets Spirits start singing a (bad) rendition of the theme song. In the beginning of the last episode of Professional, Vanilla hums “Sweet Romance” while she works. There Is Only One Bed: Both Ichigo/Kashino and Hanabusa/Andoh face this dilemma during the patisserie visit episode in Paris.

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