It coursing through every athlete mind when they enter that

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canada goose It so canada goose uk outlet hard to believe that it been 30 years since the canada goose factory sale Calgary Olympics, and 34 since canada goose coats on sale Sarajevo. With the countdown ticking for these buy canada goose jacket inspiring athletes going to Pyeongchang, South Korea the days are filled with so many emotions: excitement, pressure and a real desire to have all their dreams come true. canada goose

canada goose clearance For me, this was a reality. It was everything I ever dreamed of. A like that comes true for only a few athletes, but for all of them, the experience and the memories will last a lifetime. canada goose clearance

There is so much I could share with them, and so much advice. For every athlete, it Canada Goose Outlet a different experience, but one piece of guidance goes for all: believe and trust in your abilities and your training.

canadian goose jacket Looking back at my Calgary experience, such mixed memories flood the mind. I remember being so sick with the uk canada goose flu that we believed I would have to withdraw from competing. canadian goose jacket

canada goose coats Every athlete comes to the competition with a game plan. Their entire career relies on every part canada goose black friday sale of this plan. It is the plan that puts canada goose uk shop them in a canada goose uk black friday place of focus, confidence, and sheer determination to execute years of practice and success. As you can imagine, becoming ill was a hiccup in my game plan, but cheap canada goose uk knowing this, and being trained as well as I was, I found the determination to stick to my plan. canada goose coats

Canada Goose Parka My true desire to succeed was the key, even though I was ill. I also worked with excellent sports psychologists who helped steer me through this sudden disturbance to the plan. The most uk canada goose outlet important part of the Games for every athlete is their mental state. I canadian goose jacket have always said, you make it to the Olympics, you are good enough to be there. It canada goose all about the mental game after that. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose black friday sale The athletes who are able to hold it together mentally are the ones who will succeed. I also like to say that it takes two Olympics to get the buy canada goose jacket cheap job done right. The athlete experience in their first Olympics is so incredibly overwhelming and exciting that maintaining focus can be very difficult. canada goose black friday sale

Competitors are used to being at meets and tournaments with athletes from their own sport, but to suddenly be thrown into the Village with athletes from all sports, and to mingle with the names and faces that you Canada Goose online never had any chance to encounter before? That is one of the most amazing experiences in the journey of sport.

Canada Goose sale The moment arrives. The dream. This is it. The Olympics! Representing your country, being an Olympian, I can tell you, it everything you hoped for, your entire life. Walking into the stadium during the opening ceremony wearing Canadian colours, words can describe it. This is the moment that every athlete realizes did it! Years of dedication, years of hard Canada Goose Coats On Sale work, years of giving up so much. It coursing through every athlete mind when they enter that stadium. If only every person in their lifetime could experience that moment. Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose Jackets As we watch our great athletes prepare and Canada Goose sale embark on this Olympic journey, canada goose coats know that there is a plan, and a dream in place. When we watch them compete at the ultimate event, we know they will experience possible hiccups, unforeseen circumstances, but they are determined and have worked their entire lives for this moment. If they succeed and become Canada Goose Jackets

our household heroes, we will celebrate along with them, and know they did it not only for canada goose store themselves but for Canada. If they don succeed, we should celebrate them just as much.

cheap Canada Goose They are doing it for all of us. They have worked for this moment. It is to be celebrated and honoured. It inspires and deserves to be Canada Goose Online remembered forever. Win or lose, we are all to be proud and wear the maple leaf alongside them. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Outlet To all our canada goose clearance sale athletes: dream big, and be passionate. Success will come your way. As I have always said: believe. Dreams do come true. Canada Goose Outlet

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