It got to the point where it just wasn’t really how I had

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CHRIS COONS: I followed Jeff into the anteroom. And he said, very intently, this is tearing our country apart. We have to do something. Rheumatic fever is caused by an untreated bacterial infection (usually strep throat). Luckily, this infection was much more common before the introduction of antibiotics to treat it in the 1950s. The initial infection usually occurs in children and causes inflammation of the heart valves.

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The problem as I see it AJ is he has experts running his Foundations for him. I think what he is doing is marvelous. However I’m just not sure that GM is the way to do canada goose outlet it. It got to the point where it just wasn’t really how I had envisioned my life. And that’s when I made the decision [to have a preventive mastectomy]. It wasn’t an easy decision and I always tell people these are the kinds of things that you have to go through and think through.

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