It helps in regulating the lower abdomen and the pelvic area

With the other UK administrations, the Scottish Government Building Standards Division was involved in this process.Guidance to standard 6.2 notes that “Testing should be carried out by persons who can demonstrate relevant, recognised expertise in measuring the air permeability of buildings. This should include membership of a professional organisation which accredits its members as competent to test and confirm the results of testing”. As part of this process, to maintain the recognition of registering organisations which previously existed, it was agreed that an organisation that has already demonstrated it meets the provisions within the published MTC and applies the UK NOS in the assessment, training and management of their tester members would be recognised in Scotland as such a professional organisation without the need for further evidence or action on that organisation’s part.Industry changes from 31 December 2014Previously, there were two recognised industry schemes operated by ATTMA and BINDT.As of 31 December 2014, the BINDT scheme was closed.

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