It is quite helpful in reducing the risk of injury

The Atoner: Folman’s story of the search for his lost memories, as well as the very reason he lost them in the first place, is of guilt over whatever happened on the night of the massacre of Sabra and Shatila. While he didn’t directly participate, Folman cannot deal with the guilt of having been one of the Israeli soldiers whose job was to launch flares into the sky above the city the light from which allowed the Phalangists to commit their atrocities. The “falling stars” from his vision are actually flares.

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You will need to decide at which point(s) your story diverges from real history. A common one is that The Great Replica Bags Depression didn’t happen, which is a pretty big one since it changes the economic and political situations considerably. In our timeline, The Great Depression and its aftereffects ended the optimism of the 1920s and left industry and commerce dead in the water.

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