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These two counties have had a proper rivalry for the last 40 years and most of that time it has been dominated by Kerry. The shoe is on the other foot now and Dublin are certainly making hay while the sun shines. Kerry did not mention the Dublin record before the game but you can be sure it was in the back of all the players’ minds, especially as Dublin were trying to equal the long standing record of a previous Kerry side.

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She literally handed the election to him. She came out and said there was no way for her to win, tanking any fucking chance of her or NDP winning. Shes a piece of shit, he is even more of a piece of shit. Cullen = 30y/o Gleason = 24 y/o so high quality designer replica your logic is flawed to say that Cullen won’t get the number, then turn around and cite Walker getting 24 from Hutch because Walker was a “veteran” and Hutch wasn’t. It really just depends on what they decide in the locker room. Personally I’m the supersticious type and would prefer to see Cullen back in the number he was in in 06 and maybe that’s the mojo? who knows.

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