J Skate Shop used

J Skate Shop used to be across the street, so one could expect a huge skater hangout and always a fun time. The hot local skater back then was Powell Corporation Stacy Lowery, and he was a regular at those parking lot sessions. Of course, nobody can forget the planters in front of the Embarcadero Lecture Hall.

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Throughout the week, the class organized a variety of “visual disruptions” at school, most of them bathed in red because of its symbolism as the color for ALS awareness. On Monday, large red dots were put up around LOHS to pique students interest. The following day, posters containing information about ALS and the fundraiser were posted..

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Dan Bylsma, Buffalo: Ordinarily, the Sabres boss would be in trouble. Injuries or not, there’s no reason for this club to be languishing near the bottom of the East. But the thought here is that Rex Ryan has saved Byslma for now. Interrestingly; the US supreme Court ruled on a similar issue in Hiibel v. Sixth Judicial Dist. Court (2004).

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