Large Ham: It’s about actors, so this is inevitable

Moon FOREVER. It took Red three real life years to get through that cave. “That’s not what ‘double’ means!” Late to the Realization: The Slowpoke News will report on subjects that happened over anywhere between half a year and 3 DECADES earlier. When Kris shoots the Sampler, we don’t hear or see the first shot. Instead, we see only his reaction in his Imagine Spot, where he walks over to a wall and slumps down, clutching his stomach. When we cut back to reality, we only see his legs sticking out from behind a wall as Kris delivers the finishing shots. Lee even laments that it’s getting harder every day to imagine Neji’s reaction to a situation. Hinata also thinks of Neji while waiting for the wedding to start, making a silent prayer to the sky. Naruto looks intently not at the sky, but at his father’s face carved on the Hokage monument as he stands next to Hinata in the waiting room.

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