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buy canada goose jacket Even at its clunkiest, though, “BlacKkKlansman” is wildly entertaining and wisely prescient, connecting the dots between Duke’s goal of canada goose jacket outlet taking racism mainstream with the modern rhetoric around affirmative action and immigration, and dramatizing a combination of guns, alcohol, sexual insecurity and racial impunity that would be ridiculous if it canada goose outlet nyc weren’t so deadly. (What makes the Colorado Springs Klan so dangerous is its proximity to, and shared membership with, Fort Carson and NORAD headquarters just down the road). As he does in the beginning, Lee wraps up the film with a masterful, deeply affecting set piece, in which Harry Belafonte makes a powerful cameo as a civil rights veteran, his reminiscences juxtaposed with a Klan screening of “The Birth of a Nation” and shots from the white canada goose outlet ottawa supremacists rally in Charlottesville almost exactly one year ago buy canada goose jacket.