New legislators hold on by the skin of their teeth for years

Why is there so much hate for career politicians

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Writing legislation, overseeing committees, engaging in floor debates, and maneuvering the legislative bodies needed to succeed is difficult. It takes a fair amount of experience to be able to do it well.

high quality Replica Hermes Ive worked for 6 years teaching poli sci students how to analyze, replica hermes himalayan bag price debate, and pass policy in my state legislature and I don even think Im qualified to do the job. New legislators hold on by the skin of their teeth for years before they get the hang of things. Never mind actually effecting any change. The issue is, for “good hearted” politicians to survive politics, it incredibly hard. The very nature of how the game is designed, requires a degree of vice. To stay in power, you have to appease your local and national elites. You don want them actively working against you. reviews hbags If you are completely good, then virtue will die a suicide. It can last amongst those willing hbags hermes replica to embrace vice. high quality Replica Hermes

It just natural selection. It like steroids in pro sports. You CAN do it clean, but then you competing against Hermes replica Herbag others who birkin bag replica hbags are willing to take whatever they need to take to get to that next level in an insanely competitive space. She young, pretty, and says things that resonate with young people in a fiery manner. That it. That 100% why she got elected. It certainly wasn because she was the most qualified person in that entire district.

I hbags hermes don dislike Representative Ocasio Cortez but she was elected pretty much for the same reason Trump was. An electorate tired of the same old thing latching on to something shiny. Now since she been in office birkin replica bag hermes she leveraged that popularity to gain influence in the House she wouldn have otherwise had which is smart politics and she asked some great questions. But let please stop acting like she the fucking second coming.