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Nearly one dozen awards are given to films and talent during this festival. Some award categories include best Female Actor Aotearoa and Male Actor Aotearoa in a short film, best Female Actor Aotearoa and Male Actor Aotearoa in a feature film, best Aotearoa Feature Drama, best Aotearoa Documentary and best International Indigenous film. An audience award is also given in the category of Aotearoa Short Dramatic Film.

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I guess my real question is when you read the original comment, did you think that person meant to imply that no one in the West literally no single individual knew of him? When I read it, I took it as (at least in my experience) the common phrase indicating that he was not a well known, public figure. Sure, it is hyperbolic and not literally true, but that happens a lot in my day to day experience it also didn’t cause any confusion (to me at least, and I would think the vast majority of people). Perhaps that was not the case for you and others, and hence it came off as very confusing and dumb.

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