Niedzielski wears Yves Saint Laurent’s black grain-de-poudre

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facebook dialogPinterestFrom left: Von Guttman wears Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière’s black silk crepe coat, Brunello Cucinelli’s white cotton blouse. Niedzielski wears Yves Saint Laurent’s black grain-de-poudre cape, Prada’s Replica Bags Wholesale white cotton shirt. Casiraghi wears Yves Saint Laurent’s black double cashmere cape, Prada’s white cotton shirt. Her own necklace.THE IDEA THAT having good hair and doing good works are mutually exclusive died around the time Angelina Jolie became a United Nations goodwill ambassador. Let’s face it: A shot of glamour really helps a cause.Take EVER Manifesto, a free newspaper-magazine-website (the format changes with each issue) aimed at cajoling the fashion and design worlds into embracing ecologically sound methods of production. wholesale replica designer handbags Its founders—Charlotte Casiraghi, Alexia Niedzielski, and Elizabeth von ­Guttman—have Rolodexes (and closets) that are not exactly the ­Greenpeace norm. more info And that’s a good thing: Upbeat and mouthy, ­EVER’s vernacular is one that cool aaa replica designer handbags kids can actually understand.“We’re not eco-warriors; we’re not into Handbags Replica hemp clothes,” says von ­Guttman, 33, who, like Niedzielski, 27, is based in London. Adds Niedzielski: “So much of the language of environmentalism is just Designer Replica Bags not replica handbags china appealing. Why not make these ideas more seductive?”With many designers still using toxic dyes and forest-depleting hardwoods, it’s clear that lecturing the industry hasn’t exactly paid dividends. EVER works from the inside, prodding Wholesale Replica Bags like-minded editors and replica Designer bags brands to step away from their routines and come up with tangible, eco-friendly ideas. “A manifesto is different cheap replica handbags from a magazine,” says Casiraghi, 25, who helps oversee the writing and editing of EVER. Replica Designer Handbags “It’s a very direct form of communication.”The first issue, published as a newspaper in September 2009, was edited by Replica Bags Vogue Italia’s Franca Sozzani, sponsored by Loro Piana, and took on the theme of sustainability. The new issue, out now as a magazine Fake Handbags and several orders KnockOff Handbags of magnitude larger, makes the case for bamboo as purse replica handbags an ideal material for design research and development, and was Fake Designer Bags guest edited by W’s editor in chief, Stefano Tonchi. Meanwhile, Gucci offered creative director Frida Giannini’s services in judging a sustainable-handbag contest among students at Paris’s Institut Français de la Mode and put the winning bag up for sale online and at select Gucci stores worldwide.Like the Manifesto’s guest contributors, Casiraghi, Niedzielski, and Designer Fake Bags von Guttman all have outside replica handbags online gigs. Von Guttman and ­Niedzielski’s Ever Consulting advises and produces events for André Balazs, ­Fendi, and Vanessa Bruno, and the pair is on staff at the London-based ­indie magazine Industrie. Casiraghi, the daughter of Princess Caroline of Monaco, competes year-round as a show jumper on the Global Champions high quality replica handbags equestrian tour.Taking an ecological career turn was not an ­obvious choice for the trio, but Replica Handbags duty called. “The overconsumption and greed of our industry” is what got them going, von Guttman says. “And so we turned to what we knew best.” Adds Casiraghi: “We want to show that you can change things. Maybe not the whole world—but things.”.