None of the boys can swim, but they have been given extensive

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canada goose black friday sale That’s almost four times the reported shortfall caused by 2016’s freeze on fee increases.The argument about competing national demands can only be used if there’s an honest, open engagement around how and what public choices are made in the utilisation of resources. This includes examining wasteful and vanity projects as well as exploring how much is lost to malfeasance.More importantly, it’s time for South Africans to have a serious, open discussion about the potential sources of such resources.We are academics and researchers working at a range of South African universities. In canada goose outlet online uk our submission to the fees commission, we made it clear that one potential source is the super rich.As we argued, a determined state should examine the structure of personal taxation which could be canada goose outlet online reviews levied for the country’s top 10% of income earners.This income bracket, together with High Net Worth Individuals those who have an annual income of more than canada goose coats uk R7 million or R70 million in accumulated wealth could generate a substantial increase canada goose outlet store new york in available public revenue to fund higher education.Such an approach, which concentrates on the structural aspects of inequality and uses official canada goose outlet tax revenues for the purpose of higher education funding, is preferable to the idea of a differentiated approach to the “rich” and “poor”. canada goose black friday sale

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