Not since the iconic 1966 surfing documentary “Endless Summer”

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileCryptocurrency is a form of digital currency traded between people or used to purchase goods outside of banks or government regulation that’s part of what makes it risky. Figuring out exactly who is putting money into this kind of asset is difficult because part of the attraction of investing in the crypto realm is the assurance of anonymity.But survey after survey backs up what the anecdotal evidence suggests women are underrepresented.Google Analytics results put the divide at 96.57 per cent men to 3.43 per cent women.That’s a huge red flag to Duncan Stewart, research director of Deloitte Canada’s technology division.”It isn’t merely that the value has risen as far and as fast as it has; it’s the fact that it’s 97 per cent men that is, in and of itself, a potential danger sign,” he says.”There are studies out there that suggest men are predisposed towards bubbles in a way that women are not.”Stewart made his case in a recent online post about the subject. Stewart said he “cannot think of any security, currency or asset class in history that shows that extreme a gender divide and has been sustainable.”Men make up the overwhelming majority of the bitcoin community, according to various anecdotal sources like this Google analytics pie chart.One reason is the well documented lower risk tolerance of female investors.

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