Old Snow Hill based Frost and Snow bakery and coffee shop

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cheap jordan 11 Wander into The Snow Hill building and you’ll find Frost and Snow’s coffee shop serving breakfast, lunch and treats.Old Snow Hill based Frost and Snow bakery and coffee shop, sells cupcakes made by homeless people.Bake, Edgbaston These guys have made a name for themselves at street food and farmers’ markets but also deliver direct to your door. Their sweet treats include chocolate peanut butter cookie sandwiches and toffee crisp brownies. Find them at the monthly Moseley and Kings Heath farmers’ markets, Brum Yum Yum and cheap yeezys at Lewis’ in Moseley.Birmingham’s best breakfasts according to Birmingham Breakfast ClubLa Belle Patisserie, Lozells Road, Lozells There are hand made cakes and continental pastries, together with Middle Eastern confectionary at this bakery cheap jordan 11.