Once connected, they could electronically enter business

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cheap oakley sunglasses Northampton also misses out on 5 points because it does not have a Mayoral LGBT Liaison. Well, that’s true. But before Narkewicz assumed the post in 2012, Northampton spent the prior 12 years under lesbian mayor Mary Clare Higgins. 10 Pleuritic pain is present in 45 60% of patients and may occur with or without a pleural effusion (fig1).3 Clinically apparent pleural effusions have been reported in up to 50% of patients with SLE3 and may be found in up to 93% of cases at necropsy.11 Effusions are usually bilateral but may be unilateral, equally distributed between the left and right hemithoraces. They are invariably exudative with higher glucose and lower lactate dehydrogenase levels than those found in rheumatoid arthritis.12 Antinuclear antibody (ANA), anti DNA antibodies, and LE cells have been found in the pleural fluid.1314 LE cells appear to be relatively specific.15 Pleural biopsies have rarely been performed in SLE and the findings are non specific, revealing lymphocytic and plasma cell infiltration, fibrosis, and fibrinous pleuritis.16They are indicated primarily to exclude alternative aetiologies. Thoracoscopy has revealed nodules on the visceral pleura and immunofluorescence of biopsy samples of these nodules revealed immunoglobulin deposits.17Chest radiograph showing left pleural effusion in a 50 year old man with arthritis, fever, and high titre anti DNA cheap oakley sunglasses.