Only do one sport or activity, especially if it is high impact

Exercise ideas: Try cross training. Only do one sport or activity, especially if it is high impact. If you are a runner, a soccer player or a basketball player, try using the rower, elliptical or other low impact forms of cardio, she explains. At the same time they’re condemning fossil fuels, they’re eating food trucked in from over 1,000 miles away by diesel trucks.They drive cars on the highways and use air conditioning and heating in their homes all running on fossil fuels. And for those living in Los Angeles, you’re using water that’s pumped over a mountain by electric motors running on energy produced by fossil fuels. Idiocy on the insane left.Still, we have the First Amendment, and we must exercise our free speech or risk losing it to the thought police of the radical, extreme left who are now trying to shut down all speech they dislike.

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