Or, more accurate, individuals in a set of less than 20 For

A few words from your friendly moderator

Canada Goose Online Celebrity requests now banned. Canada Goose Online

canada goose black friday sale A celebrity request is a request for any single person, or a person in a group of fewer than 20. NOTE: Celebrities are still welcomed buy canada goose jacket to post here, people just cannot request for them to do so. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose coats Moderators can use their discretion to remove posts they think need to be (advertising, repeated reposting of the AMA, no identification [My friend said I should do an AMA, AMA.], or otherwise posts that we feel may canada goose clearance deteriorate the subreddit. canada goose coats

canada goose clearance “Abandoned” Canada Goose Jackets AMAs (where canada goose store the OP doesn answers any questions) will be deleted. Be advised that only when a reasonable amount of time has gone by, usually a day, in which the OP doesn answer any questions (or only one out of many) may the post be deleted. If there are special circumstances where you can for a period of time, please message the cheap Canada Goose mods and we be glad to not Canada Goose online delete it. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose online Note the existence of two similar subreddits: /r/AMA and /r/IAmA. The main difference is that we have about 50x less the subscribers. Canada Goose online

canada goose But this isn necessarily bad! Maybe you want fewer people to read your story, or you have decided that your AMA does not warrant a large audience. In any case, that fine with us, as long as you make sure you understand the difference before posting. canada goose

canada goose uk outlet If you feel that you posted your story in the wrong place, don worry. Just delete it and post it in the right place. canada goose uk outlet

buy canada goose jacket In order to protect minority opinions, comment Canada Goose Outlet downvotes have been disabled via CSS. Without accountability, redditquette guidelines mean nothing and will only result in a combination of unconscious groupthink (the human mind naturally will try to agree with the majority opinion of the social group he identifies with) and de facto censorship (downvotes literally hide comments from view). Combined, this will lead to a cycle where only the opinions held by the majority will considered without bias. buy canada canada goose outlet goose jacket

For this reason, downvotes have been eliminated.

uk canada goose Did you mean /r/IAmA? If so, please read the sidebar, and if you want, delete your post and resubmit there. This is not /r/iama. Many people post in here thinking that they posting in /r/iama, but alas! They are posting in a look alike. If you see this and thought you were in the famous /r/iama, please check your subscriptions! Feel free to unsub from here if you thought canadian goose jacket this was the much larger and much more active /r/iama. No hurt feelings! Also, don forget about /r/casualiama and /r/ilivein! uk canada goose

canada goose store Now, I am the only moderator here and I have been falling behind in the past week. Normally every day (or every other day) I check the subreddit for celebrity requests and remove them, posting an RES macro explaining why. In case you weren aware, celebrity requests are not allowed here, as decided by a community vote. The reason for this is because they are “spammy”. They take up around half the total submissions in the subreddit. In other words, it exceedingly unlikely the celebrity you requesting, or a representative of the celebrity, Canada Goose sale or someone who knows the celebrity, would see the request. Most of these requests are, I imagine, people who think they requesting in /r/iama, which has a much higher success rate. As far as I aware, no celebrity request in /r/ama has been fulfilled. canada goose store

uk canada goose outlet Now, I haven yet explicated what constitutes a “celebrity request”. Fame isn actually necessary. Since the issue is with particular individuals being not likely to see stuff submitted in a subreddit of 25K people, the rule is against requests for individuals. Or, more accurate, individuals in a set of less than 20 For example, you can request canada goose clearance sale “a member of slipknot”, since there 8 of them and none of the 8 are likely to see the request. However, you can request “A famous rockstar” since there way more than 20 famous rockstars! Even though it still canada goose black friday sale unlikely that any rock star will see the request, there needs to be some limit, and I figured 20 was fairly conservative, and the vast majority of celebrity requests are for single individuals anyway. Additionally, I will allow requests for individual famous active redditors. Because they on the site a lot, they much canada goose coats on sale more likely to see the request. The best way to request a celebrity, though, is to get to them on twitter, or facebook, or through their agent. uk canada goose outlet

Canada Goose Parka The only canadagooseonsales.com things I delete are celebrity requests, spam (and other things that break site wide rules or the law), non self canada goose posts (such picture memes), and fake amas! I do not ban celebrities, as was a rumor before. I do not ban any ama. It could be “I am a white guy, ama” and I will not delete it. I do not remove submissions about the state of the subreddit, either. Canada Goose Parka

buy canada goose jacket cheap Verification is not needed! That is for /r/iama, not /r/ama. I am not required to check whether posts are fake. If you want to verify with me anyways, go on ahead, and I keep your secret. But you don need to. buy canada goose jacket cheap

You do not need my permission to canada goose coats do your ama! Just post. It makes both our lives simpler! Let keep it casual here.

canada goose coats on sale There is a link in the sidebar that says “message the moderators”. This is not the submit button. I do not understand why so many of you think it is. The submit button is above it, and is large. I do not understand why so many people click “message the moderators” and then send me a description of themselves. I assume it may be some mobile reddit layout thing? I don know why else it would be so common. canada goose coats on sale

cheap canada goose uk Message the “moderators”, by the way. That lying. There only one. A few months ago when the original creator of /r/iama said he hated his subreddit and was about to delete it, I made moves to position /r/ama as its replacement. However, that situation was resolved by him buy canada goose jacket cheap removing himself as mod and making someone else own the subreddit. So many I didn even look at them (I didn need to anyway). Who here wants to make the aforementioned link an honest guy? Send me a pm, and I consider adding a few people cheap canada goose uk.