Outside the North Terrace gates stands a statue of Antarctic

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moncler outlet store He made many important public benefactions, notably to endow a chair of law at the University of Adelaide in 1926, moncler outlet online and towards Bonython Hall from 1930 to 1934.Outside the North Terrace gates stands a statue of Antarctic explorer Sir Douglas Mawson, who was appointed Professor of Geology and Mineralogy in 1921. The Tate Museum is open to the public (Mawson Laboratories, open 9:00am 5:00pm Monday to Friday). Artefacts from Sir Douglas Mawson’s expeditions are among the items displayed.The Barr Smith Library is named in honour of the Barr Smith family, which was cheap moncler prominent moncler outlet uk in South Australian business and pastoralist activity over many years, and made many gifts and bequests to the University of Adelaide. moncler outlet store

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