Over dinner with her husband

The rooms look sort of like Bavarian college dorms, but you can beat this location. Rates: Start at $319 for two queens or one king in winter. A no frills spot with a top location, the Chalet is within walking distance of the gondola, the ski school and village, and offers a free hot soup lunch daily to guests.

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costume jewelry ‘Most people who work here know us by face. I have a collection of watches I was going to give my son and that is irreplaceable. I bought an IWC GST Aquatimer on the day my son was born and I was going to give it to him when he turns 18. But go for the gusto and add some nova, tomato, and onion ($12.95) for the ultimate breakfast. There’s also a slew of other breakfast items designed to make you homesick for Bubbe, like the nova, eggs, and onions together in a scramble ($9.29) and the matzo brei with onion ($8.95). Starting your day at Bagel Cove is like going home again if home were Brooklyn costume jewelry.