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Felicity Cloake’s comfort food

Perfect dal

Despite having eaten it three times a day for an entire week while trekking in Nepal a few years ago, it’s still the dish I turn to whenever the winter blues threaten. The combination of spice and stodge is simply unbeatable.

Perfect beef stew

Fluffy, suety dumplings are Are All Prada Handbags Leather one of the few dishes that make me nostalgic for school dinners – although this rich, savoury, slowly simmered stew is definitely a cut above the average canteen offering. Forget osso buco or boeuf bourguignon, this is proper food for a British winter.

Perfect kedgeree

My dad occasionally used to make kedgeree as a Sunday treat – and, fussy, ungrateful child that I was, I’d go through it with a fine-pronged fork and pick out all traces of fish before wolfing down the buttery, delicately spiced rice. These days, though prada replica handbags, I’d fight you for every last piece of moist, smoky haddock.

Perfect sticky toffee pudding

Gooey, ever so slightly spicy and tooth-achingly sweet, sticky toffee pudding is without doubt my favourite part of Sunday lunch at this time of year. Best served in a huge bowl, with a big scoop of ice-cream and two spoons.