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How Zen became Sven again on the hard Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Book Bags road from idealism to cynicism

Sven-Goran Eriksson is a kindly and gracious soul who has surrendered to the amorality of the business he Authentic Prada Handbags Usa is in and exploited it at every opportunity, shifting in ever decreasing circles from England to Manchester City to Mexico to Notts County and maybe even to North Korea, on loan, as his rootlessness starts to look like a spiritual condition.

You may have noticed in Eriksson’s recent career moves a blend of extreme pragmatism and a kind of fatalism, or resignation, as if the only thing left is to gravitate ever faster towards people with power and money. Speaking of Notts County, he said in these pages recently: “Where exactly [the money] Authentic Prada Handbags Online Australia is coming from, who could care less as long it’s legal?”

When he first wandered across England’s landscape we knew him as Zen-Goran Eriksson. His mission was to bring order to Kevin Keegan’s chaos. It was as if we had hired the chief executive of Saab to sort out Rover. Behind that technocratic aura and those spectacles deep wisdom flowed, we assumed. Sven made England a quarter-final team and then set out on another existential journey. His life now looks like a series of short-term leases on nice apartments, with the engine always running for the getaway.

Somewhere in him, for sure (as he would say, in a press conference), is a love of the game. His early academic wanderings featured a fascination with English football and a deep yearning to be around players. Bobby Robson’s Ipswich were one of his major stops. But at Robson’s memorial service at Durham Cathedral last month Authentic Prada Handbags Online it was noticeable how detached he seemed from the great and the good who sat round him on those ancient pews.

Plenty of famous leaders have travelled from idealism to cynicism. It was after he left Sweden that Eriksson’s power-addiction took hold, among the moguls of Serie A. He was always an expert at attaching himself to football’s most influential families. Then he found a dysfunctional one who were willing to pay extravagantly. His time with England produced many a caper, from compilation classical music CDs to fake sheikhs to the flirtation with Chelsea and an office ménage à trois with Faria Alam, followed by 12 months of rumination while his lucrative FA Authentic Prada Clutch contract ran down.

As soon as that Bicester Village London Prada year was up Eriksson hitched his wagon to Authentic Prada Milano Handbags City and Thaksin Shinawatra, that well-known friend of human rights, before the inevitable meltdown drove the nomad down Mexico way. What interests me most about this voyage away from the heart of things is how Eriksson squares it with the memory of his younger, more idealistic self.

It would take Philip Roth to study properly the internal tension when a man starts out with romantic aspirations and ends up thinking life is a menagerie in which the only rational aim is to grab all one can. Did the England job propel Eriksson over this line? By the end, his jaundice was obvious. Maybe the equanimity he brought to the fake sheikh fiasco and the exposure of his dalliances concealed the onset of perdition. The worse it got, the calmer he seemed to be, as if he were disengaging from the world.

In that state it was doubtless easy to work for Shinawatra, easy to take a punt Authentic Prada Shoes Sale on Mexico, easy to believe the vague assurances of Notts County’s ghostly owners and easy to hear an approach from North Korea, the land that time forgot, and the antithesis of Swedish liberalism. Then again, if all foreign football coaches refused to work for authoritarian regimes, World Cup qualifying would be over a lot quicker. There would be no Saudi Arabia, for a start.

Eriksson’s opportunism is now of the dark and disconcerting variety. The deal always comes first. Bleak comedy is not far behind. His last game at City ended in an 8-1 defeat at Middlesbrough. In Mexico prada sale, he was beaten to the punch by an English doppelganger, Derek Williams, who pretended to be him at training sessions. As soon as the real Eriksson was sacked, Mexico’s Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada faltering World Cup qualifying campaign took off. At County his star signing, Sol Campbell, walked out after one game.

To be an ex-England manager is hard. Steve McClaren took the Robson route and moved to Holland, Keegan ended up running a soccer circus and resisting orders at Newcastle to buy Are Prada Trainers Made In Vietnam players off YouTube, and Glenn Hoddle is helping discarded youngsters at an academy in Spain. Maybe England is the Vietnam of coaching jobs.

Eriksson’s is the strangest, most haunting story. He will go on being “linked” to well-paid jobs and continue to be greeted as a sage by supporters who are impressed by calmness and inscrutability. Then one day he will leave the hotel suites and apartments behind and return to where he belongs – wherever that is.