Red Hood: Those are the heads of all of your lieutenants

He stages a meeting between all of Gotham’s drug lords Replica Designer Handbags, shows up, lays down some demands, and then throws a duffle bag onto the table. Red Hood: Those are the heads of all of your lieutenants. That took me two hours. Creepy Uncle: Azuma’s uncle rapes him after Azuma’s mother (his uncle’s sister) dies because he resembles her. Empty Nest: Tatsumi actually uses this to describe how he feels now that his two friends are together and caught up in their relationship. Considering he was the Team Dad, it makes sense. God of Evil: The Mystery Cult worships the Keres, understood to be evil Greco Roman goddesses in the film. Though not detailed in the film itself, in Classical Mythology they are the daimones (Anthropomorphic Personifications) of violent, painful death, and serve as particularly nasty Psychopomps who thirst for human blood. The Great Depression: Set in the fall of 1933, as an Occult Detective of the period investigates a Spooky Photograph that may contain evidence of a cult operating in Ontario.

Wholesale Replica Bags Yen is deeply hurt by this since he had no intention of doing something so vile. He realizes that Megan still thinks of him as some savage. Asian Speekee Engrish: Thankfully, averted. In Kill la Kill, the main character Ryuko Matoi transfers to the main setting, Honnouji Academy, armed with one half of a sword sized pair of scissors. She is in search of her father’s killer, who stole the other half of the blade from him. The other half turns out to be held by Nui Harime, The Dragon of Ragyo Kiryuin, the true Big Bad of the series.. Fishing for Sole: Spoofed in a sketch with a visual gag of a clown sitting by the pond boasting to another fisherman that he caught a really big shoe the day before. For Inconvenience, Press “1”: Variant. “Hello and welcome to the plaza film line general information. Wholesale Replica Bags

Replica Handbags Kiss Me, I’m Virtual: Andrea explains to Brian that, over the century of being a virtual person, she has gotten lonely and horny, usually relieving the need by manifesting virtual partners for sex. She does admit, though, that it’s just a fancy way to masturbate and wonders if Brian would be interested in having sex with her. Leeroy Jenkins: It’s revealed that Brian Javna’s death at the Battle of Pajmhi was partly his own fault, as he charged a retreating enemy, ignoring his sergeant and Harry screaming at him to get back, only to fall into an ambush. Burns is his boss and would likely fire him out of spite if Homer voted for Mary Bailey. Shout Out: Many of the scenes (and parts of the plot) in this episode are taken from Citizen Kane. Spanner in the Works: Marge single handily torpedoes Mr Replica Handbags.