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Few things succeed in riling up the Internet faster, unleashing a unique cocktail of amazement and terror, than a new Boston Dynamics robot video.In the past, the tech company, owned by Japan’s SoftBank Group, has released videos showing its robots climbing stairs, executing perfect back flips and opening doors with shocking facility.The company’s latest YouTube submission: a 34 second clip of its boxy humanoid robot, Atlas, going for a jog in a grassy residential area on what appears to be a bright spring day.With its electronic appendages unleashing an animatronic whine that falls somewhere between an electronic knife and a Xerox machine, Atlas even stops to hop over a log before casually going on his bipedal way.[People freaked out after robot dogs opened a door. Now they’re resisting humans.]In only a day, the video has racked up more than 900,000 page views, a testament to the powerful impression that Boston Dynamics’s videos continually leave on viewers. For some, Atlas is an exciting childlike underdogsignaling that a Jetsons like future is nearly upon us.”Great job, Atlas!” one viewer commented.

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