She confirms that today Montage story is

I don think that sharing your thoughts or feelings or updates is necessarily “attention seeking.”You do you, there will always be someone with a problem, but it isn your problem.And honestly at the end of the day, if you being a good and kind person and if you aren hurting someone, it okay to ask for attention; we all need support and comfort sometimes.Torlin21M Ewing Sarcoma, Fibrosarcoma 7 points submitted 5 months agoMy oncologist was awesome enough to plan my treatments around the holidays so next week is my next treatment, meaning I can actually eat and enjoy Thanksgiving this year, which is exciting.As for memories, my father is a zoo director and every year we would take the leftover turkey to the zoo and feed the various animals around the zoo. It was closed for Thanksgiving so just our family, our favorite was the old Grizzly Bear, Brownie, who was too old to get out of his cave for anything all year until it was turkey day. He loved that turkey..

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