Silver Cross is the royalfamily’s baby pram supplier of choice

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Wholesale replica bags One deep pocketed purchaser casually states on the review section of the site: ‘A friend of ours bought us a couple of these as a gift. I have bought four additional ones and gave a couple as gifts.’Squeaky clean: This Swarovski encrusted baby bath, $3,800, comes in a variety of colors its makers say once the child has outgrown it, it can be used as an ice bucket for drinks or a pet bathAssuring customers that it is a worthwhile investment, it explains how the shimmering tub can be used as an ice bucket to cool ‘party beverages’ or a dog wash station once the child has outgrown it.Ironically, another of the more expensive items found was a money bank. Asprey’s sterling silver Kangaroo shaped design comes in at $3,900, while a traditional pig shaped mold is a lesser $2,650.To ensure that newborns are wheeled around in style, parents willingly invest in top of the range strollers, with Bugaboo remaining the ultimate brand choice.However last month Silver Cross unveiled a fancy $3,100 model in collaboration with the luxury car manufacturer, Aston Martin, and it was swiftly deemed the ‘most exclusive pram in the world’.Royal legacy: Silver Cross has a history of supplying prams to royalty but it is not clear if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be snapping up the brand’s latest luxury modelIt was suggested that it would be theideal pick for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.Silver Cross is the royalfamily’s baby pram supplier of choice and to top it off the royal couple rode in a 1969vintage Aston Martin on their wedding day.But the firm’s chairman Alan Halsall declined to comment on the model’s suitability for the future royal, saying: ‘We’re delighted if any consumer chooses a Silver Cross product.’To deck out the the royal baby’s stroller with plush toys, gifters might want to opt for Gucci’s Italian leather teddy bear.Most watched News videos Meghan curtsies for The Queen as she leaves Christmas serivice Meghan greets well wishers after Royals attend Christmas service Meghan joins Royal Family for Christmas service at Sandringham Bus ploughs into Moscow underground station killing four people Young couple suffer severe injuries after rope jump goes wrong The Queen welcomes Meghan Markle to the Royal Family GRAPHIC CONTENT: Pet dog is attacked by an alligator Moment Jodie Whittaker makes her first appearance as Doctor Who Meghan Markle joins royal family for Sandringham Christmas service President Trump gets standing ovation at midnight mass President Trump and First Lady wish the world Merry Christmas The Queen remembers victims of terrorism in Christmas messageThe day Kate showed Meghan how to curtsy: Pregnant Wholesale replica bags.