So while the Supreme Court continues to hold the line against

When you use various web sites, you agree to a dense set of conditions, Terms of Service, along with the understanding that Twitter (we’ll use them as shorthand for the range of sites and apps) can interpret things as they wish. So while the Supreme Court continues to hold the line against banning “hate speech,” Twitter is free to apply any standard wishes, along any political or ideological lines it wishes. Twitter may ban speech acting as an arm of the government, skirting the First Amendment because it can..

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moncler outlet online Maria Ressa, a former CNN correspondent, formed a news site called Rappler in the Philippines in 2012. The site has been dogged in its coverage of President Rodrigo Duterte since his inauguration in 2016, drawing particular attention to the deadly drug war encouraged by Duterte that has left thousands dead. In September, as Rappler reported, Duterte even apparently confessed to the “sin” of “extrajudicial killings.”. moncler outlet online

moncler outlet store That was a system instilled in human DNA for ages. But now we have people who are in power and they don’t deserve it and they don’t protect us and that system has been compromised because Facebook doesn’t protect us. It has made us more vulnerable and we don’t get anything in return. moncler outlet store

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moncler outlet sale Katharine Gorka, now an adviser in the Department of Homeland Security’s policy office, has pushed conspiracy theories about the Muslim buy moncler jackets Brotherhood infiltrating the government and media. Sebastian Gorka is a deputy assistant to the president and has described Islam as an inherently violent religion. He argued days before the Charlottesville attack that white cheap moncler coats supremacyis not “the problem” facing the country.. moncler outlet sale

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