Some of the required first year courses are Financial

After completing the course, individuals are awarded the qualification of barrister. To practise as a barrister you must do one year of pupillage. Competition for pupillage is fierce and only a few will be successful. We also included any available economic outcomes reported in included studies.Search strategyThe search strategy was particularly challenging as multimorbidity is a relatively new term and is sometimes used synonymously with the term comorbidity, although this tends to be used in relation to diseases that coexist with an index condition. Comorbidity is a MeSH term, whereas multimorbidity is not, so we included both terms in our search. For pragmatic reasons and because multimorbidity is a relatively new concept we limited the Medline search to articles indexed from 1990 onwards.We searched the following electronic databases: Medline, Embase pandora jewellery, CINAHL, CAB Health, the Cochrane central register of controlled trials (CENTRAL), the database of abstracts of reviews of effectiveness, AMED Allied and Complimentary Medicine (1985 to current), and the Cochrane EPOC (effective practice and organisation of care) register (searches updated in April 2011).Data extractionPotentially relevant studies were determined by review of the abstracts of search results.

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