Someone on the USA side noticed it and told coach Bruce Arena

On night one in the Bachelor mansion, Nick Viall was stunned to find out that a one night stand he had met at Jade and Tanner Tolbert wedding was a contestant on the show. But this week, the secret was out when Liz Sandoz disclosed to her bachelorette confidante that she and Nick had previously hooked up and they were keeping it from the rest of the cast. During a heated group date to Hollywood Museum of Broken Relationships, Nick suspected that Liz had spilled the news and he started to worry that their past could ruin his chances of getting to know the others.

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Thallids seem strong, but a lot of these tools are shared with Merfolk. Merfolk have the benefit of [[negate]] to block wraths and interact with control, Thallids have a little life gain and the more powerful removal of black. Merfolk are stronger at stealing games as well, since [[Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca]] can gain value from the team immediately (unlike Slimefoot) and non token merfolk count for all their payoff cards making them more reliable (unlike Funal Plots)..

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