Sorority Reputations and Stereotypes

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Sorority Reputations and Stereotypes

Updated on June 6, 2016

Jason Menayan


The biggest sororities suffer hundreds of chapters crosswise the U.S. and afield and the oldest get been approximately since the 1850s. Thither is wide-cut kind, culturally, from one sorority to another. Around are more pop in the northeastward and others in the southerly states; approximately sororities are more focussed on philanthropy or academics and others on societal activities.

It’s difficult to popularize almost a sorority’s repute nation-wide; thither are many differences from campus to campus. Piece around suffer hard home cultures crosswise all chapters, thither are boundary to be differences from one university or college to another.

As for how I arrived at these decisions, I was open to a caboodle of sororities my second-year yr in college, and erudite 96 done “osmosis.”

The pursuit are among the largest subject sororities that are members of the Internal Panhellenic League, an umbrella establishment comprising 26 extremity groups. These are the commonly-held opinions them to commit an approximation of apiece sorority’s acculturation, values, and ikon.

The level has everything to do with how finicky it can be some members. A “top” level sorority can fundamentally plectron fair who they neediness among pledges, spell a “low” grade sorority takes the left-overs.

Sorority Reputations

Sorority Distinguish



Chi Z


overnice, dessert, posh but exclusionary, not partyers

Delta Zeta


“easy,” fun, supportive, dynamic in Greek animation, partyers

Alpha Phi


fun, easy-going, sociable, not academically challenging, kinky, major partyers

Delta Gamma


supportive, participating in campus activities, posh, focussed on “girl ability,” not partyers

Delta Delta Delta


service-oriented, upstage, clubby, not partyers

Zeta Tau Alpha


Southerly, undivided, “hot” in a postiche way, partyers

Kappa Kappa Gamma


plentiful, cunning, democratic, not partyers

Alpha Chi Z


low-profile, earthy, mired in overhaul, not partyers

Pi Beta Phi


faker, mixer, passably, not service-oriented

Kappa Delta


democratic, various, societal

Ki Z

“Qi O’s,” as members are sometimes called, care to naturalize a “good girl” ikon. The home establishment stresses “Christian ideals.” Chapters are loosely considered to be well-organized.

Among the electronegative sentiments verbalised most Qi Z members are that they can be 97 quarantined (possibly flush exclusionary) and that they confine themselves to their own benevolent and societal activities concluded cooperation with over-the-counter Greek missive organizations. Many suffer famed that piece Qi O’s are odoriferous and swish, they are not inevitably known as the nearly physically attractive women (but not the ugliest, either; many deliver aforesaid they are “plain Janes”).

Around say the sorority is total of girls who were spurned at top-tier sororities but are calm solidly mid-tier. The sorority touts its diverseness, but about say the standards are so liberate that thither’s rattling fiddling ligature all Chi-O’s unitedly in footing of personality, looks, campus activeness, or academician operation.

The consensus, if thither is one, is that Ki Z is well-thought-of but not needfully lofty among sororities.

Roughly sororities sustain a larger report for crapulence and partying than others. The outflank way to discover sure is to enter in enlisting events. | Seed

Delta Zeta

Delta Zeta (DZ) girls are loosely considered reachable and light to babble to. This description may be related two stereotypes around them: 1) they’re not mostly the about beautiful women on campus; or 2) they’re “easy.” This report has, regrettably, led about former sororities on about campuses to think them lower-tier. They bear a repute for accepting those who were jilted by top-tier sororities and that they are a championship pick for many.

Nonetheless, DZ women are too known for their stiff sistership and reciprocal supporting. Sodality members reckon DZ girls lots of fun. DZ members return pridefulness in their cryptical participation in campus Greek biography.

Because of this, but the nastiest sorority girls volition externally disfavor a DZ girlfriend. Esteem them as the Betty Suarez, or fifty-fifty the Amanda Tanen, of sororities (for you Unworthy Betty fans).

Around sororities are known for existence selfsame convoluted in campus animation, which could be a full fit for a girlfriend who enjoys radical and nightclub activities.

Alpha Phi

Alpha Phi girls are broadly intellection of as partiers who care to drinking and birth a blast. Their donnish repute is effective, but they too bear a report for avoiding roughneck majors in prefer of less-demanding subjects that don’t fight with their sociable lives. “Swish” and “knotty” are not quarrel typically ill-used to discover Alpha Phi girls, but “fun” and “popular” are.

Alpha Phi is considered by many to be an amphetamine mid-tier sorority. Because Alpha Phi girls are sensed to be convinced, you testament obtain roughly far-out and far-out members among them and batch who don’t attention what otc sororities retrieve. They are considered to be mellow and are believably the least probably among major sororities to vex astir their repute.

Approximately sororities birth ending ties to fraternities on the like campus and meet colloquially chegg and for major events.

Delta Gamma

Delta Gamma (DGs) is considered a mid-tier sorority nigh everyplace nationwide. The repute of DG is that they are swish, supportive of apiece former, focussed on “girl-power,” and intemperately convoluted in campus activities. DGs run to bask a degree of esteem among over-the-counter sororities and fraternities.

The row you’ll much see almost DGs are “nice,” “societal butterflies,” and “full girls.” Their “effective miss” repute way they typically don’t bear think miss bitchiness. Girls who plight with DG are ordinarily real glad when they are recognized into the folding.

Virtually sororities admit eleemosynary activities, which can scope from operative with local non-profits to fundraising or serving assert the sorority household and yard.

Delta Delta Delta

Delta Delta Delta (“Tri-Delts”) suffer a subject repute that was lampooned in a Eighties instalment of Saturday Dark Be (“Delta Delta Delta, can I helpya helpya helpya?”). Roughly reckon them to be the quintessential sorority, in both a near and a bad way. Depending upon the campus, Tri-Delts are either considered lower-end top-tier, or higher-end mid-tier.

The fact that many Tri-Delts view themselves top-tier power explicate approximately of the rancor they get from over-the-counter sororities.

DDDs incline to be hard invested in philanthropy, and would favour to be tagged “swish” complete “fun to company with,” although they do not neediness to be considered tedious. They return sistership gravely and try not to get caught up in play, which mightiness leading to the thought that they’re upstage and clubby.

Especially on a selfsame great campus, undergraduates can gain from the friendship and accompaniment a sorority offers.

Zeta Tau Alpha

Zeta Tau Alpha tends to be far more democratic south than elsewhere in the state. The report of Zetas ranges contingent who you babble to, but “company girls” is a pretty park signifier; the less kindly let compared Zetas to the form of the T-shirt Prop . Maybe because of this, otc Greek organizations deliver extremely polarized opinions most Zetas. Many former sororities say they are “hot in a imposter way,” with lowering use of composition and xcvii of a princess composite.

Although Zetas are oft attached to philanthropy and successful fundraisers, they birth a repute for lone accepting whiteness girls. This pigeonhole is, course, heatedly disputed by the Zetas themselves.

The outflank way to find whether a sorority is redress for you is to enter in enlisting activities and tattle with flow members.

Kappa Kappa Gamma

Kappa Kappa Gamma (“Kappas”) are known for existence deep girls. Their repute varies from campus to campus but they are universally considered top-tier. Possibly because of the money they run to work with them, their houses lean to be one of the nicest on campus. Withal, many conceive Kappas conservative.

Members birth a report for search polish otc trust-fund kids to marry—something that they likely don’t bear practically difficultness doing, since they are likewise considered precious or moderately by almost.

You too try Kappas described as democratic, and sometimes (but not incessantly) hurt and swish. They get a report for behaving same pappa’s picayune princess but their top-tier report is integral nationwide.

Around sororities are more sociable than others, hosting parties and events piece others are more low-keyed. Hear for yourself by visiting during enlisting activities.

Alpha Chi Z

Alpha Qi Z (“AXO” or “A Ki O”) is mid-tier sorority with a wide variable repute. AXO girls are mostly not considered frightfully hot or pop but they are well-thought-of as swish and mired in campus biography. In venom of their comparatively low visibility, AXOs are considered earthy and existent.

They don’t lean to be as sociable as former sororities and can sometimes look unseeable compared to more seeable sororities.

If you salute a sorority so aren’t certainly it’s veracious for you, shuffling your conclusion ahead the instauration procedure. Thither is unremarkably a six to octad hebdomad flow for new pledges to measure whether the sorority is the rightfield fit.

Pi Beta Phi

Pi Beta Phi girls (“Pi Phis”) are considered by well-nigh to be top-tier but likewise deliver a repute as fraud and trivial. They are not considered nice—but not instantly awful either. Many view them to be possessed with their looks and say they deliver a report for consistence epitome issues.

This pigeonhole may, yet, be acetify grapes on the office of otc sororities with inferiority complexes.

With systematically gamy marks for strong-arm attraction, sociableness, and popularity, Pi Phis sure gain the invidia of over-the-counter sororities and the pastime of fraternities. What they incline to lack—in philanthropy— doesn’t appear to pertain them overmuch.

Many heavy sororities sustain a subject acculturation that is implemented passim chapters, but since college campuses diverge wide, it’s significant to inflict a chapter during enlisting to bore whether it’s rightfulness for you.

Kappa Delta

Kappa Delta (“KD”) is considered an energetic sorority, one that has risen to the top-tier in price of repute in late decades. This repute is by no substance unvarying, which may be due to the variety of girls who toast KD. Different another top-tier sororities, Kappa Delta members do not let the report for beingness all clones or princesses, but they do all incline to be pop and societal.

Approximately everyone knows leastways one KD they genuinely wish and one KD they very hatred.

One reproducible observance is that KDs are possessed with popularity. This may be due to the fact that the sorority has latterly fought its way to the top level and has a report to assert . This may not be a comely judgement, though, and mightiness but be the view of those who get seen—and resent—KD’s ascending in rankings.

Choosing a Sorority

A ecumenical epitome is hazardously roughly a pigeonhole. Contract the things you discover with a caryopsis of salinity and explore your particular chapter. Ask retiring and flow members, and flush masses who rush but did not sum for any ground, roughly their impression of a sorority.

Assist a enlisting preference sitting.

Enter in enlisting activities. These are where you’ll larn the deputation and values of apiece sorority, and you’ll peck whether what a sorority says is in occupation with what is genuinely departure on.

If you subscribe a sorority so remember it isn’t for you, pee a conclusion astir connection ahead the trigger treat. Thither is unremarkably a 6-8 hebdomad new phallus flow when you can evaluate whether you need to shuffling a committal. If earlier founding you resolve that you are not quick, you can breaking your salute from the system.

If you would comparable to enter in enlisting again, you can during the following principal enlisting point.