That is why, they are called lead acid batteries

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If gin makes you sad, it perhaps got the trend from its nickname ‘mother’s ruin’, which was called so as it made women depressed. Psychologically, what you associate it to in your memory makes the difference. The sense of smell and taste is more capable of provoking memories.

A few studies have shown a positive relationship between one glass of wine and blood pressure. However, other studies have shown mixed results. One such study from Dallas, Texas found that, of the 24 men tested, wine increased systolic pressure by an average of 1.9 mm Hg and increased sleeping heart rate by 4.4 bpm.

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To understand the causes of corrosion, one needs to know a bit about the structure of a car battery. Every car battery is made up of a series of electrochemical cells that consist of lead, as well as lead oxide plates, dipped in sulfuric acid, diluted with water. That is why, they are called lead acid batteries.

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