The 12 boys and their soccer coach who were rescued from a cave

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cheap real retro jordans for sale The Thai soccer boys and their coach have attended a Buddhist ceremony at a temple to protect them against misfortunes, a day after they were discharged from a hospital following their rescue from a flooded cave.The 11 boys and the coach the remaining team member is reportedly a Muslim cheap jordans online were joined by relatives and friends at the temple in cheap jordans shoes the northern province of Chiang Rai, where they sat and put their hands together to the tune of chanting monks.The ceremony, which is meant to extend one’s life and protect it from dangers, was held at the temple cheap air force that sits on the northern Thai border overlooking Myanmar.On Wednesday, the 12 boys and the coach faced the media for the first time since their ordeal, describing their shock at seeing the British divers who found them after they went missing inside the cave for almost 10 days. It would be another week before they were pulled out to safety in a complicated rescue that included diving them out of the cave.The 12 boys and their soccer coach who were rescued from a cave in northern Thailand have cheap jordans free shipping appeared at a news conference, entering to applause from the media and classmates.The boys put on a quick demonstration of their ball handling skills in a special miniature soccer field set up in the hall where they are meeting the media on Wednesday.They then hugged their friends before taking seats up front with doctors and others who helped them during their ordeal.Doctors took the first two questions, and said the 13 were healthy in body and mind. Doctors said the boys gained around 3 kilograms (6.6 pounds) on average since they were rescued from the cave last week cheap real retro jordans for sale.