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Now , researchers from the University of Manchester predict that it will turn into a massive ring of luminous, interstellar gas and dust, known as a planetary nebula.The team developed a new model that predicts the lifecycle of stars.Professor Albert Zijlstra, who led the study, said: “When a star dies it ejects a mass of gas and dust known as its envelope into space.Scientists train a spider to JUMP on demand to discover the secrets of its acrobatic ability”The envelope can be as much as half the star’s mass. This reveals the star’s core, which by this point in the star’s life is running out of fuel, eventually turning off and before finally dying.”It is only then the hot core makes the ejected envelope shine brightly for around 10,000 years a brief period in astronomy.”This is what makes the planetary nebula visible. Some are so bright that they can be seen from extremely large distances measuring tens of millions of light years, where the star itself would have been much too faint to see.”The model also solves another problem that has baffled astronomers for a quarter of a century.Around 25 years ago astronomers discovered that if you look at planetary nebulae in another galaxy, the brightest ones always have the same brightness regardless of their age.Why do people think the Earth is flat? Weird and wonderful theories about the shape of our planetProfessor Zijlstra said: “Old, low mass stars should make much fainter planetary nebulae than young, more massive stars.

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