The Dow dropped 799 points, or 3

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canada goose Investors had initially welcomed the truce that the administration said was reached over the weekend in Buenos Aires between Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping and sent stocks soaring yesterday.But after a series of confusing and conflicting words from Trump and some senior officials, stocks have tumbled. As of 8am (AEDT), the Dow Jones sunk as much as 800 points.Boeing and Caterpillar, two major exporters who would have much to lose if trade tensions don ease, weighed the most on the Dow.Bond prices soared sharply, sending yields lower, as traders shoved money into lower risk investments.The sharp drop in yields hurt banks because it makes it is harder to earn money from lending. JPMorgan Chase sank 4.5 per cent.The S 500 lost 90 points, or 3.2 per cent, to 2,700.The Dow dropped 799 points, or 3.1 per cent, to 25,027. canada goose

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