The Greatest Story Never Told: Team CRDL (minus Cardin) does

All of this worked just fine until it didn’t. You know the rest of the story. When housing prices stopped rising, these paper assets the CDOs and all the rest went up in smoke, incinerating the rest of the economy in the process. Stardust the Super Wizard from The Golden Age of Comic Books. He used what amounts to high powered Magitek with no explanation whatsoever to fight Dirty Commies, despite not having any obvious ties to Earth. Examples include him turning into a living star, turning communist spies into giant rats, “levitation rays”, and his unseen “delicate detecting unit”, which allows him to see and hear anything everywhere.

The men who are raging on about Jihad against the West are in my humble thoughts and the thoughts of millions of other muslims, insane and disturbed. When I said muslims helped build America, I was reffering to the past, when america was a young country, but now that you mention it, muslims are still building this country; through the taxes they pay. Right now, what America is doing is BARBARIC.

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