The measure aims to rein in a bulging budget deficit and secure

7. Guerrillas design their proposals in a way that addresses their prospect’s goals clearly and unmistakably. They are able to do this with a single sentence that proves they are directed and oriented to those goals. But to get here I had to hire help. Professional help. My Efficiency Coach, Ang Lord, came in with a smile and hope at just the right time and we redesigned the office and storage space. Chris Dillow has interesting thoughts here. An interesting paper by Baur and Lehmann asks “Does the Mobility of Football Players Influence the Success of the National Team?” and answers that yes, it improves national teams. And Alex Edman points me to a recent paper of his on the importance of loyalty to national teams: the paper shows that international soccer losses lead to investor depression and stock market declines; it was published in the August issue of the Journal or Finance.. The protests, which erupted on Tuesday across the country in response to thegovernment’sraising fuel and gas prices, are the largest and most sustainedto hit the country since the start of uprisings in the region nearly twoyears ago.Armed mentaking advantage of street chaos caused by the protests, fired ontwo police stations late on Wednesday, wounding 17 people, including 13 policeofficers, officials said. One of the assailants was killed in the ensuingfirefight.Assailants stormed a police station in Irbid, in the country’s far north,and fired on officers there on Wednesday night.Another police station came under attack inthe northern Amman suburb of Shafa Badran, whereautomatic weapons were used.In Salt, northwest of capital Amman,protesters set fire to a civil affairs office.The scene was less deadly in Amman itself on Wednesday night, although up to 1,000 people had spilled onto the streets.Hundreds of young men gathered at a usually busy road junction in the capital, facing off with riot police, who shot tear gas as tensions rose.The measure aims to rein in a bulging budget deficit and secure cheap jordans from china a $2bn loan from the International Monetary Fund.Minutes after state television announced the price rises, several thousand Jordanians poured into the streets.The hikes, followed by an 11 per cent increase in public transport fares, drew sharp condemnation from the opposition, which warned of civil disobedience in the run up to January general elections.”The street is seething with anger and an explosion is coming,” saidZaki Bani Irsheid, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Jordan’s most powerful opposition group.”We want to create a Jordanian Spring with a local flavour meaning reforms in the system while keeping our protests peaceful.”In Amman, around 500demonstrators clashed on Tuesday with anti riot police and hurled stones at them after they were prevented from holding a sit in near the interior ministry on Gamal Abdel Nasser Circle.They set tyres and garbage containers ablaze and tried to block the main road between there and nearby Firas Circle in Jabal Hussein neighbourhood, but police prevented them and fired tear gas, an AFP journalist reported.Violent demonstrations broke out earlier this week across all 12 of Jordan’s governorates, police said.Protesters burned tyres to block traffic, torched police and private cars and at least 20 government offices, including court buildings. Police said at least 120 people have been arrested nationwide.In the northwestern city of Salt, tens of protesters unsuccessfully tried to storm the residence of Jordanian Prime Minister Abdullah Nsur, while in the southern city of Maan, demonstrators fired in the air to force riot police out of town, wounding one officer, police said in a statement.Protesters have demanded the resignation of Nsur and his 36 day old government.

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