The ones who want to be up front of their team at all times

Can someone explain me the definition of a Main Tank and an Off Tank

Main tanks are the canada goose store classic tanks. The ones who want to be up front of their team at all times protecting the rest. For this reason they have shields, or in the case of Winston especially, abilities that draw aggro onto themselves and away from their team.Off tanks don want to be in that role, they canada goose black friday sale typically support their team more than Main tanks, especially supportive of Main Tanks to help keep cheap Canada Goose them up and productive.In short, off tanks are probably better called supporting tanks, and Main tanks are “Tanks” in the classic sense of the wordYou see buy canada goose jacket Winston+Rein comps on rare occasion, but Winston is never played in the supporting style that those other tanks are, Canada Goose Jackets mostly because it pretty much not possible to play him that way. When Winston is played in that comp it played just like you have two main tanks, which is exactly what you have. It Canada Goose Outlet makes it super stressful on your supports who don have the assistance from the supporting tank as well as uk canada goose outlet increases the pressure on them to canada goose coats on sale keep both tanks up, but it has other advantages.Orisa CAN be played as Canada Goose Parka an cheap canada goose uk offtank because she has a little bit of utility with Fortify in being able to step directly in front of Rein if he in trouble and tank damage, and Halt being able to peel off divers a little. But she definitely better suited in the main tank role.In short, Winston and Rein are never considered an off tank, even if there is another main tank in the comp it just a two main tank composition.If that comp is being run, you don play as if you have any main tank. You play just like if you had two Off tanks. Those comps are usually heavily focused on getting canada goose uk black friday picks and using man advantages as space rather than creating your own. canada goose outlet Until those picks happen, you probably see teams use map geometry as cover while they trick to pick people off, resulting in them giving up presence on the point right off the bat, etc.If there canada goose uk shop is a situation where a tank NEEDS to step out in front of their team or contest the objective etc, it be the Roadhog.Winston creates space differently than either Canada Goose Online Orisa or Reinhardt, which can lead canada goose clearance to some confusion on how to canada goose clearance sale play around him. For Rein and Orisa, it’s straight forward, stand behind the shield and everything behind it is basically your territory and you move up by making the tank move forward.Winston creates it very uk canada goose differently, since his shield and his mobility is very different than the others. While there are different styles to pay Winston, it generally is jumping in and creating space by dropping your barrier. Canada Goose sale Since the bubble is spherical, it creates an area where you and your team can dance around the bubble and use the chaos and disruption to kill something. canadian goose jacket His ultimate is also very different, but canada goose factory sale forces the team to loom at him. I remember in the past people made several posts on the main subreddit to buff his ultimate because it does not instantly end a fight like Earthshatter or Graviton could, but it’s purpose is to be a huge 1000 hp tank to force the enemy team to look at him.Some people (especially in the ladder) still have this mentality that you need an anchor tank to push through the choke points rather than playing around a main canada goose uk outlet tank that dives in. This is also because Winston’s shield goes down faster than either Orisa and Rein, but the team needs to play differently around Winston’s shield than canada goose coats either Rein or Orisa. Orisa and Canada Goose online Rein play much more similarly to each other than either do with Winston so that’s may be the biggest reason for the confusion.Most teams don run Winston like buy canada goose jacket cheap that because his kit is better suited towards main tanking.Off tanks are big and tanky DPS, with peeling abilities(Zarya bubble, Dva matrix and Hog short range damage and hook) that enable the Tanks and protect the backline.Ps: winston was considered a Off Tank because at the time, Rein was a must, and the barrier break was the canada goose meta, winston bubble was not enough in that meta, but his bubble is not his only Canada Goose Coats On Sale way to create space, and people learned that, and the meta changed to dive because of thatWinston is definitely not an Off Tank. Idk who told you that but theyre flat out wrong. The only thing that sets him apart from Rein and Orisa is his mobility. He designed around his Barrier, and his ability to frontline, soaking up most of the damage for his team. Like Rein and Orisa, he also has a low primary damage output.

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