The stand can be a simple table with chairs for the kids

Ever since it got the celebrity cause endorsement by Jenny McCarthy, everyone has diagnosed their progeny with the disease. But self diagnosing parents aside, autism is a real disease with some serious consequences. Autistic people generally fail to develop normal social skills, and can become obsessed with minor details or systems that non autistic folks consider insignificant.

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Yeah, here’s the second big surprise waiting for you out on the street: how incredibly expensive homelessness is. See, living on the street wouldn’t be that big of a deal if you were, say, a robot. But as a functioning organism living in a society, you suddenly realize there are all of these basic needs you need to MacGyver solutions to on the fly..

It’s great to know important and interesting people, but using every conversation as an opportunity to name drop is pretentious and silly. Just like humble bragging, people see right through it. Instead of making you look interesting, it makes people feel as though you’re insecure and overly concerned with having them like you.

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