The toll inflicted upon these people is the result of a

New War Crime Videos Surface from Sri Lanka Tamil Genocide

canadian goose jacket (SALEM) More evidence of war crimes in Sri Lanka; it is a disturbing matter Canada Goose Coats On Sale and the images contained in this article are tragic and gruesome, so proceed at your own discretion. canadian goose jacket

While these images shake us to the core, it is also true that a strong voice can accomplish tremendous healing for an embattled population when inspiring people and leading them to direct action.

Tremendous devotion and passion are required when delivering people out of Genocide and back to their rightful place. This story is about death and Genocide, and also about a new voice raising hope for those living within the Tamil Diaspora.

The Tamil Hindu and Christians who live in the north of Sri Lanka were slaughtered mercilessly in a military onslaught Canada Goose sale that failed to distinguish civilian from militant in the months preceding the summer of 2009.

canada goose clearance Some say 40,000 died, canada goose but others place the number much higher. Regardless of the number that died, upwards of 160,000 canada goose clearance Tamils ceased to exist when the war ended. canada goose clearance

The photos of the dead and dying are so graphic and sad; they leave canada goose coats lasting impressions for those of us who spend time researching this subject and writing about it. We can only begin to imagine the emotional scars that exist as a result of this time canada goose clearance sale period. The toll inflicted upon these people is the result of a calculated Genocide.

canada goose One of the darkest aspects for the government of Sri Lanka, is the fact that the military attacks in buy canada goose jacket the north all came at a time that a cease fire between the Tigers and the SLA was in place. canada goose

Graphic Videos Offer Few Answers

cheap Canada Goose From this part of this article forward, 17 video clips and one slide Canada Goose Online show containing 23 images, comprise the group Canada Goose Jackets of media dispatched from London to our newsroom, in hopes of identifying those shown. I do not suggest that highly sensitive people look at these, although on the other hand I think we all need to see them to comprehend the enormity of this tragedy. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose coats on sale Today the Tamil survivors are denied the Right of Return that is granted under international law and specifically called for under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights enacted by the United Nations in the late 1940’s. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose Jackets The efforts to wipe out Canada Goose online the Tamils began after the election of the current president of Sri Lanka, Majinda Rajapakse, in 2005. Using the assistance of George W. Bush and Tony Blair, Sri Lanka’s political planners went about having the armed resistance and political leadership of Tamil Eelam, called sometimes a ‘breakaway state’, declared a terrorist group. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose online The LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) lost its ability to bargain for Tamils in the world political forum with the ‘terrorist’ designation. Canada Goose online

It was the beginning of the end.

Along with the military invasion of the north came heinous crimes against women and children. The cruelty that was recorded in many cases by the Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers themselves, is devastating to Canada Goose Parka the viewer.

Canada Goose sale The new series of video that are making the rounds, shows Tamil Tiger prisoners being transported on a bus with canada goose uk outlet the bodies of their dead, handcuffed and helpless. Canada Goose sale

canada goose deals We recently carried an article that showed the new photographs that were released just before these video clips sent to our newsroom by a London attorney, Vasuki Muruhathas, who represents an unnamed Tamil war crime victim. Captive, Handcuffed and Dying. ‘Brutal’ and ‘Shocking’ Describe Newly Released Sri Lanka War Crime Images, shows up close the helpless prisoners cuffed to the metal rails of the bus seats. canada goose deals

Their faces are forlorn and they are very, very young. Not surprisingly, their faces are painted with shades of uk canada goose outlet resignation that seem canada goose uk black friday inevitable. They know the hatred that the Sinhalese hold for them and with a designation of ‘terrorist’ they are regarded as non humans.

canada goose black friday sale There are several clips of them alive, many appearing to be seriously injured; we are trying along with other groups to identify these victim/prisoners and learn if any are alive or accounted for. canada goose black friday sale

buy canada goose jacket If you have any information of any kind regarding these captured Tigers, please contact us. The comment section is always an option, if the information is private just note this and the comment will not be published, the information will simply be put to good use to help determine identities and the status of the individuals. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose Outlet A number of clips show rows and rows of dead people who appear to be Tamil Tigers as many are wearing the uniform of the LTTE. As if providing today’s investigators of this series of war Canada Goose Outlet crimes some type of morbid favour, the SLA photographed and videotaped a great deal of their actions against the Tamils. Canada Goose Outlet

The photographers in this event from the SLA, used video cameras to document the dead and it appears that they are all recorded at a reasonably close proximity. Whether they correlate to the above images is not known; again top article we are seeking any information that is out there, and we will treat it carefully and properly; the ultimate goal is to be able to provide relatives with answers.

canada goose clearance sale In uk canada goose typical fashion as you see in these images, the women are almost all exposed, canada goose factory sale their shirts missing or lifted to expose their breasts, many have had their pants removed. It is a sad fact that a a large number of Tamil women and girls were brutalized by the Sri Lankan soldiers. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose coats Past articles have carried the grisly details and some clips even show the SLA abusing the dead and dying canada goose store bodies of female prisoners. Their morbid comments are among other things, absolutely and completely remorseless. canada goose coats

This is the result of total indoctrination. There canada goose black friday sale is little difference between the Sri Lanka conflict and others in this respect. Resistance groups and their oppressors are often raised to see their counterpart as something close to subhuman.

Hatred and constant killing compounds the bitterness and chances of peaceful co existence fly out the window; healing from these traumatic events is very difficult for people on both sides of the conflict.

This is a killer of all hope for legal behavior and makes human rights laws become meaningless.

buy canada goose jacket cheap This is why the war crimes of buy canada goose jacket cheap Sri Lanks must not go unpunished; this government has proven to the world conclusively that it is not capable of behaving in a humane or legal manner. buy canada goose jacket cheap

There are endless examples of this taking place and there canada goose outlet sale is the revolting fact that Sri Lanka went after the journalists who wrote honestly about what happened to the Tamils after Rajapakse and his brothers took over the country.

I have written about this detail of the Genocide also and the links to all of my past reports are located below this story and clearly identified.