The ultimate symbolism behind a wedding dress is really special

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting you lay off giving your kids holiday presents and only give hugs. I’m just saying that the best gifts are the ones worth giving. So why not give something your kids will treasure? Something that demonstrates your deep personal understanding of who they are and maybe even who they might become..

Paul Geymann, 94, of Edmond was a Kansas native who called Oklahoma A coach Henry Iba and asked for a basketball scholarship. He ended up on the Aggies’ 31 2, national championship team in 1946. Geymann, who also pole vaulted for the track and field team, went into coaching at the high school and college levels.

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Kakadu National Park, where about 20 per cent of the Northern Territory’s post protection fatal attacks have occurred, is a high profile front line for the crocodile management issue. The park also offers a window onto a factor that complicates management: 70 per cent of the Territory’s crocodile habitat is on indigenous land, but there are serious differences between clan groups about how to treat the animals. “It’s not only about managing crocs, it’s about managing local cultural politics as well,” says Lindner.