” The whole legs uncrossed thing is like Givhan’s Pentagon

And why not? They endure painful calves, hammertoes, bunions, tendinitis and bucketfuls of sorrow and yet manage to keep that Buddha esque exterior intact. Leather cutting into your little toe? Smile. Ankles can’t take the pressure? Relax. They were all so nice. It was a genuine outpouring of love. Reaction to the fragrance was fabulous.

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Later that night, Spencer stopped by the deejay booth to watch DJ Marshall Barnes spin Kings of Leon. MMA fighter and rapper Kevin Casey, a friend of Spencer’s, took to the mic and rapped for the crowd. Spencer danced behind him on the main stage and Heidi danced from her seat atop the VIP booth.

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Tara grew up in Reading, Berkshire, where her dad Peter sold Ford motor cars, a family business started by Tara’s grandfather. Her dad died when Tara was just nine years old, so her mum Penny, then 42, who was left with three daughters to support, decided to take over the running of the business. ‘We were an all female household,’ says Tara, ‘except for our little dog, Percy, who hated men.

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