The wonderful thing about this job is that every case comes

Herb Birch (left) and Cliff Palermo stand behind the guitar. Kerry Treasure, the wife of Herb Birch, the owner of Bubba Mac’s Shack in Somers Point, commissioned a sculpture of a giant guitar to be made for him as a Christmas present. Local artist Cliff Palermo used automobile engine and transmission pieces welded together in creating the three month project.

wholesale nfl jerseys from china A senior judge, Thompson is allowed to lessen her workload and has reined in the number of civil cases she presides over. However, her passion for criminal cases keeps her busy to date, opting to stay on the bench indefinitely into the foreseeable future. The wonderful thing about this job is that every case comes with its own challenges and I always find each case has some kernel of knowledge for me, she said as another bright smile escaped from her lips. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

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