Then when it broke he picked up a metal stool and threw it at

I hate that dance

Gore is not allowed: All forms of gore, which includes depiction of serious physical injury involving blood, flesh, bone and internal organs. canada goose outlet toronto factory Please consider posting the more extreme stuff to /r/spacedicks (nsfw), /r/gore (nsfw) or another appropriate subreddit.

canada goose clearance sale 11. The first week of middle school was field trip every day togetherness make a friend week. Monday we go to a beech, and a girl starts throwing rocks at me while I in the water, full view of dozens of students and teachers. I yelling, noone does anything about it, I trying to get back to shore (slowly, cause water) mostly underwater and popping up when I need to for air. I pop up again for air, and I get struck by a large 5lb rock. I black out and go under. canada goose clearance sale

Presumably a few seconds later I come to, under water, and freak out. I get back above water coughing and hacking and not giving a fuck about the rocks still being thrown at me. Thankfully no more head shots but I get a number on my chest/arms.

I get to shore, and the rocks stop. A number of kids scream or run away as it a toss up if I more wet from the water or the blood. I walk up to a teacher and we drive towards the hospital, with me passing out a few times along the way from blood loss/the head injury.

canada goose store The list of injuries end up being severe blood loss, canada goose outlet hong kong about a dozen various cuts, hairline fracture of my skull, and a minor concussion. For this I am given 2 units of blood (quite a lot for a 12 year old), 20 stitches in my head and various numbers of stitches or bandages for my other wounds, lots of meds for pain and infection, and I stay in the hospital for 24 hours as they worried about my concussion. The teacher was there for canada goose outlet sale all of this and aware of the extent of my injuries. canada goose store

uk canada goose outlet So the next day while I in the hospital they call police and confront the girl. I kidding, they don even mention it and she goes to that days field trip no punishments. Wednesday morning before the field trip I been released with an ok to continue on with the week. I/my mother learn that they done nothing, and call a meeting between the teachers and the girl and her parents. She explains her reasoning behind throwing the rocks. You see she didn realize how large the rock was when she threw it. I shit canada goose outlet online store you not that was the only reason she would give. uk canada goose outlet

canada goose clearance Obviously I canada goose jacket outlet uk wanted her out, and she wanted in, and the teachers took HER SIDE!!! They tried to guilt me, saying I was being petty in trying to deprive her of an experience, that she didn mean to hurt me and she was harmless. canada goose sale uk All this while I had a half shaved head with a bloody stitched wound front to back. canada goose clearance

Eventually I said “If she stays I go, so would you rather have me or the person who puts people in the hospital chucking rocks at them?” and my mom threatened legal action, and thus they relented and kicked her out of the remaining week, though no further action was taken against her.

Edit: Pics of scars. Some of us would jump in for him now and then when she took things too far, but like I said she really had it out for this kid. Anyway it was a science class that we all had together and she started in. I still remember that dumb cunts jab that sent him over. “Your dad left you to go to war and your mom got cancer so they could get away from your pathetic ass.” He took his canada goose outlet ontario pencil and stabbed her about four times in her upper arm. Then when it broke he picked up a metal stool and threw it at her (missed). It was an intense few minutes. You HAVE to teach cheap canada goose them social canada goose outlet washington dc rules, much like a child with autism, so they at least know it wrong.

For example, a neuroscientist who discovered a structural abnormality of the brain that could identify psychopaths turned out to have that same abnormality. But he was raised in a proper, stable home with consistent rules for behavior. Generally speaking, psychopathy/sociopathy is the product of brain abnormalities and an unstable/abusive home life. We lived in a town that was part agricultural part commuters into the city. During hunting season my buddies and I asked the School liaison officer what to do if we wanted to hunt after school. He said make sure to transport our guns legally, unloaded, cased, in the trunk and locked. He also instructed us to park off campus and asked us to canada goose outlet london uk check in with him on days we had them to let him know in case there were any issues or questions. It seemed a bit excessive at the time but now I feel like he made the best of the situation. Never had any trouble and we got in some afternoon with wing shooting.

canadian goose jacket Was walking out of a room just as class had ended for recess. canadian goose jacket

canada goose uk shop The girl in front of me turns around screaming “get off me!” and starts windmilling/scratching my face without warning or provocation. canada goose uk shop

canada goose black friday sale To this day, I don know why she did it, because the space between her and the next person who could have conceivably been messing with her was like a good six or seven feet. canada goose black friday sale

cheap Canada Goose I wasn terribly hurt or anything, just had a little bloody scratch above my eye. cheap Canada Goose

buy canada goose jacket cheap Thing is, there were multiple people who saw this, saw that I hadn touched her or said anything before she attacked me, and the teachers were still like “what did you do to her?” buy canada goose jacket cheap.