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After you clear it, leave in your truck after speaking to the Volunteer. In ensuing cutscene, as the Volunteer goes to get “coffee”, right click and Jake will grab a floppy disk off the table. When investigating his clothes as Evan, right click near the floppy to pick it up, and the level will be unlocked.

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Although May only travelled to America himself after his novels became successful, the novels are famed for their accuracy in geographic terms. All trips and journeys of the main character can be followed in an atlas. Accuracy of many other things is not to be taken for granted.The character who is here called “Charlie” or “Old Shatterhand” previously featured in May’s Orient Cycle, in which he adventured in the Middle East under the name of “Kara Ben Nemsi”.Several of the novels have film adaptations made in Germany in the sixties.

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